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Ph.D.Programme in Audiology & Speech Therapy

Rules and Regulations

MUHS Regulations – Direction No. 2006. Procedure Governing Award of Ph.D. Degree

Whereas Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998 (Maharashtra Act No X of 1999 has been passed by the State Legislature to establish the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences for the purpose of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern Medicine and Indian system of Medicine and to have a balanced growth in the Health Sciences.


Whereas as per section 6 (3) of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998 all colleges of Health Sciences previously affiliated to erstwhile non–agricultural Universities in the State of Maharashtra shall be deemed to be affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.


Whereas the Government  of Maharashtra re–affiliated post graduate courses from previously affiliated erstwhile non–agricultural Universities to this University as per the ordinance No. IX/2005 dated 31/10/2005.


Whereas it is essential to prescribe rules for award of Ph.D. degree of this Universities.


Whereas it is also essential to regulate registration of students for Ph.D. degree by the MUHS.


Whereas procedure regarding Ph.D. degree is subject matter of ordinance.


Whereas there is no ordinance regarding award of Ph.D. degree as of now in force.


Whereas making of Ordinance is a time taking process.

Now, therefore, I Dr. Mrs. Mrudula A. Phadke, Vice–Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in exercise of powers conferred upon me under the sub–section 8 of section 16 of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998 issue the following direction:

  1. This Direction shall be called ‘Procedure governing award of Ph.D. degree.’
  2. This Direction shall come into force with effect from the date of it's issuance.
  3. The definition given in Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998 shall be application to this direction also unless otherwise provided in these Directions.
  4. The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences shall offer the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the Health Science faculties of Medicine, (subjects included in schedule 1 of regulation on Minimum standard Medical Education, 1998), Dental, Ayurved, Homoeopathy and Allied Health Sciences.
    1. Post Graduate courses in the faculties of Medicine, Dental, Ayurved, Homoeopathy and Allied Health Sciences of the erstwhile non–agricultural Universities after 31/10/2005 shall stand transferred to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. Upon transfer of P.G. courses the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences is required to initiate process of Ph.D. registration from the date of issuances of this Direction.

      However, the candidates registered for Ph.D. course to the erstwhile Universities before 31/10/2005 shall remain with erstwhile Universties.

  5. The research guide for Ph.D. recognized by erstwhile non–agricultural Universities in the faculty of Medicine, Dental, Ayurved and Unani Homoeopathy and in the faculty of Allied Health Sciences shall be deemed to be recognized research guide for Ph.D. of this University. However, the college should forward proposal of concerned research guide along with a necessary document to the MUHS for its recognition.

    The teachers, who are not recognized as research guide for Ph.D. by erstwhile Universities, however now become eligible to become as a Research Guide for Ph.D. may apply in 10 copies in prescribed format along with documents of educational qualification, experience, previous approval (U.G.), P.G. recognition, no. of publications etc. in National & International Journals.

    The eligibility criteria for Ph.D. Research Guide shall be 10 years teaching experience after acquiring P.G. qualification and at least two international and three national original research papers on his account. The Research Committee shall decide regarding approval of Research Guide for Ph.D.

  6. The Laboratories or the Departments recognized by the erstwhile non–agricultural Universities as a place of work for Research in the Faculty of Medicine, Dental, Ayurved and Unani, Homoeopathy, and in the faculty of Allied health Science subject shall be deemed to be recognized by this University as the places of work leading to the award of Ph.d. Degree. However, the institute should forward proposal to the University along with prescribed fees. On receipt of proposal along with the fees, the University shall inspect the institution and shall place the report for consideration of Research Committee. The report along with recommendation of Research Committee shall be placed before the Academic Council for grant of recognition of Laboratories or the departments as a place of work of research.
  7. The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences shall establish a University Department cell for screening of eligibility of students for registration and performing functions related to award of the degree of Doctor Philosophy.
  8. There shall be a Board of Research consisting of following members:
    1. The Vice–Chancellor (Chairman)
    2. Dean of the concerned Faculty
    3. Three members of the Research Institutes/Organisations nominated by Vice–Chancellor.
    4. Chairman of concerned Board of Studies nominated by Vice–Chancellor.
    5. Six eminent research persons/scientist nominated by Vice–Chanellor.
    6. Registrar shall be the member secretary of the Committee.
    1. While constituting the above committee, the members of concerned faculty shall be nominated.
    2. Meetings of Board of Research may be held at least twice a year in the month of January and July as far as possible.
  9. The Board of Research shall perform the following duties:
    1. it shall recognize the teachers as Ph.D. guide.
    2. it shall formulate the rules and recognize the departments/institutions for research work leading to Ph.D.
    3. it shall scrutinize the application received for Ph.D. registration and approve the candidates for the registration.
    4. It shall approve the topic of research of Ph.D. degree.
    5. It shall prepare topic bank of research topics.

      The recommendations of this Committee shall be submitted to the Academic Council for final approval.

  10. The following shall be the eligibility criteria and rules regarding Ph.D. registration.

11.1 Eligibility for Registration:

  1. A candidate may be registered for doing research leading to Ph.D. Degree of any of the Faculties of the University, subject to the conditions mentioned below:
    1. He/She should hold a Master's degree in the subject of Human Health Sciences.
    2. The candidates may apply for Ph.D. degree registration from 01st to 31st January and 1st to 31st July every year.
    3. 10 copies of synopsis along with application for the registration of Ph.D. course shall be recommended by research guide and forwarded through HOD and Head of the Institution from the eligible candidates to the University from 1st to 31st January and 1st to 31st July.
    4. As far as possible, the University shall sanction the registration of the student upto 31st March and 30th September of every year respectively.
    5. The registration of the candidates for the Ph.D. course shall be confirmed after receipt of his/her 1st progress report (within six months from the date of his/her application for registration).
    6. Once the University confirmed registration of the student for the topic in which he/she wishes to undertake research work, no change in the topic shall be allowed without prior permission of the university.

11.2 Supervision for Ph.D. Research:

  1. A candidate shall work under the supervision of a recognized Ph.D. guide of the University. The candidate for the Ph.D. Course shall have the option to choose his research guide of this university. At any given time a guide shall not have more than four (4) registered research students working under this/her supervision. No students shall be permitted to the research guide before 03 years of his/her superannuation. The Board of Research shall approve the topic of research and the research guide.
  2. However, as special case, the Board of Research in the faculty permit a candidate to be registered for Ph.D. independently (Self guide) i.e. without having to work under the supervision of a guide, provided he satisfies the condition for eligibility given in 11.1 of this direction and has proven ability (i.e. 03 international & 02 National original research papers and 20 years Teaching Experience, etc.) to undertake independent research work. He/She shall submit his/her application in the proforma prescribed for the purpose through proper channel.
  3. Normally a candidate shall be required to complete his doctoral research under the supervision of his/her guide. However, a candidate may be permitted by the Board of Research to transfer his/her registration from one research guide to another, provided the first guide gives no objection certificate for such a transfer and the research guide under whom the transfer is sought gives his/her consent to accept the candidate. Provided further that in the case of such a transfer a candidate shall have to work for a minimum period of two years before he is allowed to submit his/her thesis. However, this period may be extended onward as per the requirement of the research work by the University. In case, there is any controversy between the student and the guide the matter to be forwarded to the Board of Research whose decision shall be final.
  4. Whenever the research guide of a candidate leaves the Unversity/College/Institute or retires from service but continues to be recognized as the research guide, the Dean of the concerned Faculty shall, after ascertaining the choice of the student either to continue to work under the supervision of the same research guide (provided he/she has kept two terms under his/her supervision) or to work under another research guide, make appropriate recommendation to the Vice–Chancellor. In the latter case, the research guide under whom the student wants to work shall give in writing his/her willingness to accept the student and a no–objection certificate from the first research guide will be necessary.

11.3 Duration of the Ph.D.:

  1. A candidate doing research leading to the Ph.D. degree must have worked for a minimum period of three years, and in the normal course, he/she will not be allowed to submit his/her thesis before completing three years from the date of his/her registration as a research student.
  2. In case the candidate is not able to complete his/her research work within a period of three years, on the request of the candidate and research guide, the Board of Research may grant extension as per requirement research work. In such a case the candidate shall be required to pay the tuition fee again.

11.4 The presentation of the Thesis:

  1. Two months before the date of submission of the thesis the candidate shall forward to the Registrar, through his/her research guide 10 copies of the summary of the thesis along with the prescribed fee. The Ph.D. thesis shall be submitted within six months from the date of the submission of summary of the thesis, failing which the candidate shall submit a revised summary and shall again pay the extended term fees.
  2. A candidate for the Ph.D. degree shall submit to the Registrar four copies of his thesis along with four copies of the summary. The thesis shall include certificate in form ‘A’ from the supervisor of the candidate that the work reported in the thesis has been carried out by the candidate himself/herself for the first time and that the research work from other sources has not been included. Such material as has been obtained from other sources, has been duly acknowledge in the thesis.
  3. The candidate may also forward with his/her thesis four copies of any original contribution or contributions to the advancement of knowledge on the subject selected by him/her for his/her thesis or any cognate subject published by him/her.
  4. Along with the four copies of the thesis to be submitted by the candidate in the manner prescribed above the candidate shall also bring 10 copies (or more if required) of a summary of the thesis highlighting the findings and original contributions of the research which may be in cyclostyled or printed form at the time of viva voce/open defence.
  5. The thesis shall be written or printed only in English.

11.5 Appointment of Examiners:

The summary of the thesis submitted by candidate under 11.4 (a) of this direction shall be forwarded to the Board of Research, which shall recommend a panel of at least six external referees evaluation/examination of the thesis. The research guide of the candidate shall be the internal referee. In the case of a candidate who is working independently the Board of Research shall decide the name of internal referee.

The panel of referee shall be prepared by the Board of Research. The external referee can be within the nation.

11.6 The Examination and the Defence of the Thesis:

  1. After the candidate has submitted the thesis, the research board shall appoint two external referees from the panel of at least six referees. The Registrar shall appoint two external referees to examine the theses. A copy of the summary of the thesis given under Rule 11.4 (a) above shall be sent to the referees along with the letter of appointment. If the referee accepts the appointment to examine the thesis, the Registrar shall forward the thesis to him within two weeks along with copy of Synopsis/basis sanctioned outline of research work on the receipt of the letter of acceptance.
  2. The referees shall report on the acceptability of the thesis or otherwise within a period of not more than 90 days from the date of the receipt of the thesis. If both the external referees report that the thesis is acceptable, then the candidate will be invited for the defence of his/her thesis. If both the external referees report that the thesis is not acceptable (referees shall give reasons in writing) then there will be no defence/viva voce of the thesis and the candidate shall be declared to have failed. In case of the difference of opinion between the two external referees about the acceptability of the thesis, the Board of Research shall appoint a third external referee. The decision about the acceptability of thesis shall be based on the majority opinions of the three external referees and this shall be final. If two of the external referees opine that the thesis is acceptable, the candidate shall be asked to undertake the defence of his/her thesis. If two of the three external referees find the thesis requires to be resubmitted after modification (if required), Accordingly the student has to undertake the research and modify the thesis, if two of the three external referees find that the thesis is unacceptable (the referees shall give reason in writing ) then the candidate shall be declared to have as failed.
  3. The day, date, time and place where the candidate will defend his/her thesis shall be duly notified by the University. At least one external and one internal referee must be present at the time of the defence/viva voce.
  4. The Vice–Chancellor shall nominate the Chairman for the defence from a panel of three senior research guides to be suggested by the internal referee.
  5. If the Ph.D. Degree is awarded to the candidate, the first copy of the thesis will be deposited in the University Library, the second copy will be kept in the Department /Institute where the research has been carried out, the third copy will be returned to the candidate and fourth copy will be retained by the Supervisor/guide.
  6. Matter which are not specifically covered in the clauses herein above shall be decided by the Vice–Chancellor in this matter and the decision taken by the Vice–Chancellor shall be final.

11.7 Fee Schedule:

  1. University fee (in Rupees):
    1. Application form fee – 500
    2. Registration fee – 2000
    3. Student Welfare fund – 500
    4. Student Welfare fund – 500
    5. Evaluation fee – 10000
  2. Fees to be taken in colleges:
    1. Lab/Hospital fee – 2000 (for three years)
    2. Library fee – 400
    3. Medical Examination fee – 100 (for three years)
    4. Tuition fee – 12000 (for three years, 1/3 of this shall be forwarded to MUHS)
  3. Laboratory/Department – 50000 (Once only)
    Recognition fee for
    carrying out Research shall
    be paid by the Institution
Date: 28/8/06
Place: Nashik
(Dr. Mrudula Phadke)
MUHS, Nashik