Action Flowchart for Management of Identified Children with Hearing Impairment

On Suspicion of hearing problem by family or referral by doctor for hearing assessment, seek professional help. Provide case history for audiological assessment. Do 'Other assessment' such as Speech and Language, psychological assessment along with audiological assessment.

Hearing loss can be diagnosed as: Conductive hearing loss, Sensorineural/Mixed hearing loss or Normal hearing sensitivity.

For both Conductive and Mixed hearing loss, one can first refer to ENT specialist for advise or treatment and follow up audiological assessment after treatment.

For Mixed hearing loss (also known as Sensorineural hearing loss) apart from referring to ENT specialist one can directly do a hearing aid trail & fitting; get counseling about use; and also learn to take care and maintenance of hearing aid.

After hearing aid trial, one can go for auditory training, Speech and language stimulation & therapy and/or get help of special educators. After this one can go three ways: 1) redo Audiological assessment, 2) redo hearing aid trial 3) or as advised by educator join pre-school or school placement.

Depending upon the advise by educator, one can redo Audiological assessment or hearing aid trial or get pre-vocational and vocational training, which will finally result into job placement.

When diagnosed for Normal hearing sensitivity, follow-up evaluation after 6 months.

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