Type of Hearing Aids, It's Care & Maintenance

Types of Hearing Aids

Pocket Model:

Worn in a pocket or harness at chest level. It consists of the body of the hearing aid containing the microphone, amplifier and controls. A cord transmits the electrical output to a receiver, which converts this signal into sound. The receiver is attached to a mould, which holds it in place.

Picture of Hearing Aid-Pocket Model

Behind the Ear (BTE):

The body of the instrument is worn behind the ear. It ‘hooks’ over the pinna. It is attached via plastic tubing to an earmould, which holds it in place in the ear.

Picture of Hearing Aid-Behind the ear

In the Ear (ITE):

The complete hearing aid is in the ear or ear canal. The hearing aid is housed in a hard plastic shell which is often custom made by taking an ear impression.

Picture of Hearing Aid-In the ear

Spectacle Type:

The hearing aid components are incorporated within a spectacle frame. It is useful for persons who require glasses along with hearing aids.

Bone Conduction (BC) hearing aid:

This is used when the ear canal is blocked or in cases where conventional amplification as described above cannot be given. A BC vibrator is placed on the mastoid bone behind the ear. It converts the amplified electrical signal into vibrations. BC vibrator can be used with body level, BTE or spectacle hearing aids.

Hearing aids should always be used with custom-made ear moulds. Ear moulds are devices, which couple the hearing aids to the ear. Ear moulds can be of hard or soft material.

Different Types of Hearing Aids Available in The Market:
Types of Hearing Aids Description Range of approximate cost Rupees per piece as on October, 2001
1. Body level types Rs.900/- to Rs.9900/-
2. Ear level types Behind the ear (BTE) Rs.4000/- to Rs.20,500/- (Non Programmable)
Spectacle Type Rs.14,000/- To Rs.17,500/-
3. In the Ear ITE (Non programmable) Rs.8000/- to Rs.13,200/-
In the Canal (ITC)(Non programmable) Rs.8500/- to Rs.20,000/-
Completely – In the canal (ITC)(Non programmable) Rs.9500/- to Rs.21,000/-

Please Note:

  1. Hearing aids have different ‘Powers’ and ‘features’. The hearing aid which has the ‘right’ power and features for a particular user will provide maximum benefit. Therefore, hearing aids should always be purchased after under going a trial.
  2. Hearing aids can be worn in one ear or both ears according to the hearing loss.
  3. The best performance of the hearing aid can be obtained only when you use the hearing aid with ear moulds made for your ears.
  4. The hearing aids may be simple ‘analog’ type or they may be digital. Digital hearing aids are much more expensive.
  5. Hearing aids run on batteries. The life span and cost of different types of batteries are as follows:
Details of different types of batteries
Type of Cell Estimated average battery life How many per month, if used during the working hours Approximate cost/piece
i. Pen torch cell (for body level aids) 100 hrs Every week Rs.7/-
ii. Button Cell 300 hrs. Twice a month Rs.30/- to Rs.50/-
a. 675 High power (mercury) 330 hrs.
b. 675 High power (Zn 02-Varta) 25 hrs.
c. 312 ITE 415 with Zinc Air 285-330 Every week Rs.40/-
d. 13 288 hrs. with Zinc-Air Every 4/5 days Rs.40/-

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