Help From Professionals

The ENT Specialist:

A doctor who has specialized in dealing with diseases or problems of the ear, nose and throat.

The Pediatrician/Child Specialist

The Audiologist and Speech–Language Pathologist:

A professional who is trained in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and speech problems.

In case of children with hearing impairment this professional can:

  • Carry out the hearing assessment
  • Diagnose the type of hearing problem
  • Do hearing aid testing and fitting
  • Tell you how to use the hearing aid
  • Help you with a program geared at helping the child learn to make use of his hearing and develop speech and language
  • Remedy speech problems. i.e. provide speech therapy

The special educator for the deaf:

A teacher who has specialized in educational methods for children with hearing impairment.

These teachers use special methods to develop language and conduct educational programs for children with hearing impairment. They can assess the child’language abilities and guide you about the type of school placement best suited for your child.

Other Professionals:

Psychologist, Vocational Counsellor, Neurologist

All these professionals work as a team for the child with special needs. Your child may need the services of more than one professional at any given time.

Last updated on : 10/06/2010

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