Need of Early Identification & Intervention

Why should Hearing Loss be Identified Early?

As mentioned earlier hearing impairment not only affects the child’s speech and language development but also impedes the child's social, educational and personality development.

Hearing Screening

If hearing impairment is identified early, these adverse effects due to hearing impairment in the child can be minimised.

Treatment/Rehabilitation Options

Drugs and surgery are useful in treating middle and outer ear problems. For ear discharge, regular and long term treatment is necessary to stop it completely. In case where the hearing impairment is irreversible, hearing aid fitting is recommended.

For details of hearing aids, its care and maintenance please Click for hearing aids and details.

The rehabilitation process includes training to make the best use of residual hearing, speech reading instruction, speech–language stimulation and therapy and the services of special educators. At the appropriate age preschool/school placements should be made after consulting a special educator.

Early identification and intervention & family support are important factors which determine the success of a rehabilitation program. Therefore whenever a hearing problem is suspected immediate action is imperative.

"Description: Action Flowchart for Management of identified children with hearing impairment"

Last updated on : 10/06/2010

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