Educational Programmes available for the Hearing Impaired Childern

Contact Training Programmes for Parents:

Upholding the parent teacher partnership in education of the hearing impaired contact training programmes for parent of hearing impaired are organized periodically in most of the special schools in India. Depending upon the age group of the children the programmes are chalked out so that appropriate training could be imparted to the parents to carry out follow up and supplement the class–room teaching.

Such programmes are routinely conducted by:

  1. A.Y.J.N.I.H.H.
    Bandra Reclamation,
    Mumbai – 400050
  2. K.D.N. Shruti School for the Deaf
    Juhukar Marg, Behind Chandan Cinema,
    J.V.P.D.Scheme, Mumbai - 49
  3. Central Institute for the Teachers of Deaf
    Municipal School Building, 3rd Floor,
    Opp. YMCA Swimming Pool, Farook Umarbhoy Path,
    Agripada, Mumbai – 400011
  4. Balvidyalay School for Young Deaf Children
    14, 1st Cross Street, Shastri Nagar,
    Chennai – 600020
    Tamil Nadu
  5. Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for Deaf
    127, G.N. Road, Cathedral P.O.,
    Chennai – 600006
    Tamil Nadu

Pre–school Programmes:

Integrated education in regular school

For children diagnosed and intervened at a very early stage and most importantly who have developed functional language could be included in regular pre–school programmes. However assistance from special teachers or resource teachers would be required so that the child develops good reading and writing skills and a continual language enhancement programme.

Segregated in a Special School

Children diagnosed late or those who have not developed adequate functional language are enrolled in Special pre–school programmes. In special schools, special teachers help children build a strong foundation of language which would ease out the formal education in primary and secondary school, again, either in an integrated setup or in a special school depending upon the child's achievements. Teachers in special schools develop conversational skills by using various techniques. Special pre–school curriculum to suit the needs of the children is devised and activities such as directed activity, story telling, guided play are contrived to develop receptive and expressive language in the pre–school hearing impaired children.

Special pre–school programmes are conducted at AY.J.N.I.H.H., Mumbai and its regional centres and at many of the special schools across the country. A model pre–school curriculum for Young Hearing Impaired Children is available at A.Y.J.N.I.H.H.

Primary Schools:

Integrated education in a regular school

Children either from integrated pre–school programmes or from segregated special school programmes are enrolled in regular primary schools. Hearing impaired children follow the same curriculum as prescribed by the State Board of Special Education in a state, but are entitled for language exemption and from oral evaluation. The assistance from a resource teacher or a special teacher will help the hearing impaired child progress at par with his/her hearing counter parts.

Segregated education in a special school

Children who have still not developed good language and communication skills and need more assistance in reading and writing continue primary education in special school. Special teachers design individualized education plan and develop curriculum to meet the individual needs of the special children. In addition to the curriculum as laid down by State Education Board, special teachers undertake activities to strengthen the language both receptive and expressive.

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