Educational Programmes available for the Hearing Impaired Childern

Photo of a Pre-school session for Hearing Impaired child

Correspondence course for parents:

Parents are child’s first and natural teachers and all children almost always learn language from their parents. Correspondence courses are therefore designed for parents to assist them in handling the difficulties that they may encounter in developing communication and language skills in their children. Parents are provided with a Home Study Plan for input in language development, so that they could provide a language stimulating environment at home during their child's early life i.e. 0–5 years, as it is critical period for language acquisition.

At present such correspondence courses are available at many organizations in various languages. A few addresses are given here:

  1. Kanmantra, M.D.D.
    AYJNIHH, K.C. Marg,
    Bandra Reclamation,
    Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400050
    (For Marathi)
  2. Central Institute for the Teachers of Deaf
    Municipal School Building, 3rd Floor,
    Opposite YMCA Swimming Pool, Farook Umarbhoy Path,
    Agripada, Mumbai – 400011
    (For Marathi)
  3. John Tracy Clinic
    806, West Adams Boulevard,
    Las Angeles,
    California – 90007
    (For English)
  4. Shravan Vani Sudhar Kendra
    All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
    Ansari Nagar,
    New Delhi – 110 029
    (For Hindi)

Most of such correspondence courses are free of charge for the parents.

Parent Infant Programme:

These programmes aim at catching the hearing impaired very young. Such programme intend to monitor overall development of the concerned child. The philosophy is to expose the young children to a language stimulating environment so that the hearing impaired children acquire natural language. The crux of this programme is parent empowerment. As the name suggests, parents along with their infants are enrolled in the programme and parents are trained to undertake different techniques to help their infants acquire language which if not developed at this stage, can lead to difficulty in acquiring formal education at a later stage.

Such Parent infant Programmes are available at a few centers in India. Some of the centers are:

  1. A.Y.J.N.I.H.H.
    K.C. Marg,
    Bandra Reclamation,
    Mumbai - 400050
  2. Maitri Infant Training Centre
    Municipal Building, 3rd Floor,
    Opposite YMCA Swimming Pool,
    Farook Umarbhoy Path, Agripada,
    Mumbai – 400011
  3. Balvidyalay School for Young Deaf Children
    14, 1st Cross Street, Shastri Nagar,
    Chennai – 600020
    Tamil Nadu
  4. Vikas Vidyalay for the Deaf
    A–3, Mehta Apartment, Prof. Agashe Road,
    Dadar, Mumbai – 400028

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