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Government of India have reserved 3% of vacancies against identified posts in Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ for people with disabilities in Central Government Ministries, Public Sector Undertaking and Banks. The categories of handicapped persons benefited by this scheme are the Blind, the Deaf and the Orthopeadically handicapped with 1% reservation for each category.

A Committee set up by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment made an in-depth study of the various jobs done in Government Offices as well as Public Sector Undertakings and identified 1100 posts out of 3000 posts listed in the National Classification of Occupations as suitable for handicapped persons. For the first time the Committee had also identified the physical requirements for all these jobs.

In giving jobs to persons with disabilities, the Government has announced some other concessions which are as follows:

  1. Disabled person who are otherwise qualified to hold clerical posts and who are certified as being unable to type by the Medical Board or a Civil Surgeon where there is no such board, have been exempted from typing qualification.
  2. Disabled persons have been granted relaxation in upper age limit up to 10 years for appointment to the clerical and subordinate cadre posts.
  3. All people with disabilities can be given posting subject to administrative constraints, near their places of residence. The ban on recruitment has been relaxed in favour of identified posts to be filled by disabled people.
  4. Disabled persons are exempted from payment of application and examination fee prescribed for the recruitment of clerical posts and other cadres in Public Sector Banks and Financial Institutions.
  5. Disabled persons are not to be subjected to the usual medical examination by the appointing authorities but their physical fitness should be decided on the basis of the report of the Medical Boards attached to the Special Employment Exchanges for the Physically Handicapped for their recruitment to group ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts. The appointing authorities and the Medical Boards have to view the cases of persons with disabilities with utmost sympathy while considering them for appointment.
    Further Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ employees found medically unfit for the post he is holding and from which he is proposed to be discharged or has been discharged may, wherever practicable, be considered for another identical equivalent post for which he may be found suitable against direct recruitment quota without insisting on the condition of appointment through the employment exchange.
  6. Persons with disabilities are not to be denied promotions on medical grounds if they are otherwise fit for promotion and can discharge the duties satisfactorily.

In a Supreme Court Judgment in 1993 the blind eligible candidates can compete and write the Civil Services Examination, which is ordinarily held yearly by the Union Public Service Commission. The Supreme Court further directed that they shall be permitted to write the examination in Braille.

To clear the backlog of vacancies of persons with disabilities, Special Recruitment Drives are undertaken by Staff Selection Commission from time to time. Three last such drives were undertaking in 1987, 1988 and 1990. As a result of these drives undertaken by the Government, over 2000 disabled persons have been provided employment

For assisting the disabled persons in undertaking self-employment ventures and other productive activities, loans are given by the nationalized banks by charging an interest of 4% per annum under Differential Rate of Interest scheme.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has reserved seven and half percent of all types of dealership/agencies of the Public Sector Oil Companies, for disabled persons. Similarly, the Ministry has also reserved seven and half percent dealership/agencies for Defence personal who permanently and severely disabled either in war or in military action during peacetime. Also kiosks and telephone booths are also given to handicapped persons to enable them to earn their livelihood.

Various State and U.T. Governments also provide reservation in jobs for the handicapped persons. There is no obligation on private sector to provide employment to the handicapped persons. However, many private sector employers now offer jobs to persons with disabilities realising that their employment is an economically viable proposition.

A number of disabled job seekers are also getting employment through the normal employment exchanges and the special employment exchanges set up for them.

Last updated on : 10/10/2012

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