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Guidelines for Funding Projects:

The ‘National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation’ has been incorporated by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India on 24th January, 1997 under section 25 of the companies Act., 1956 as a company not for profit. It is wholly owned by Government of India and has an authorised share capital of Rs.400 crores (Rupees Four Hundred crores only).


  1. Promote economic development activities for the benefit of the persons with disabilities.
  2. Promote self-employment and other ventures for the benefit/economic rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities.
  3. Assist individuals with disabilities or group of individuals with disabilities by way of loans and advances for economically and financially viable schemes and projects.
  4. Grant concessional finance in selected cases for the persons with disability in the country in collaboration with Government Ministries/Departments at State level to the extent of the budgetary assistance granted by the Government of India to the company.
  5. Extend loans to the persons with disability for pursuing general/professional/technical education for training at graduate and higher levels.
  6. Assist in the upgradation of technical and entrepreneurial skills of persons with disability for proper and efficient management of production units.
  7. Set up training, quality control, process development, technology, common facility centers and other infrastructural activities for the proper rehabilitation/upliftment of the handicapped persons in support of their economic pursuits.
  8. Assist the State level organisations to deal with the development of the persons with disability by way of providing financial assistance and in obtaining commercial funding or by way or refinancing.
  9. Work as an apex institution for channelising the funds through State Finance Corporation for the Handicapped or through corresponding Corporations authoriesed by State Govts./Boards set up by Union Government/State Government/Union Territory Administrations and Voluntary Organisations. The NHFDC will receive proposals for financial assistance through above mentioned organizations and sanction loans and margin money to the beneficiaries for disbursement through these organizations.
  10. Assist self-employed individuals/group of individuals or registered factories/companies/cooperatives of disabled persons in marketing their finished goods and assist in procurement of raw materials.
  11. To develop, operate and implement specific pilot programmes, projects and schemes in India in support of promotion of the self employment, economic activities of the handicapped persons with a view of introducing innovations, technological up-gradation and bridging the critical gaps of infrastructure, input supply, output processing and marketing.
  12. To undertake and/or support technically, managerially or financially research and evaluation studies, techno-economic and related surveys, preparation and appraisal of project reports and documents, feasibility and other studies for developing viable programmes, projects, schemes for the benefit of handicapped.
  13. To establish, maintain, subscribe or to subsidise or become member of training institutions, research laboratories research institutions and experimental experiments.

Scheme for Financing Projects:

The corporation can assist a wide range of income regenerating activities. Infrastructure development schemes alone will not qualify for financing unless it leads directly to income generation.

For a disabled person living below the income/economic criteria, the proposals should be such which generate adequate income to the disabled person to rise above the economic criteria limit.

  1. Self employment in Small Business e.g. Service/Trading sector:

    Loan will be provided for self employment of disabled persons in service sector or for trading activity. The Small Business, project or activity for which financial assistance has been sought, will have to be operated by the disabled person himself and employing at least 15 % disabled persons in his venture.

    Maximum loan available under this scheme is Rs.2.50 lakh.

    Indicative areas of financing are:

    1. Shops or Stores of any type
    2. Workshops or repair shops or service centres
    3. Health centre/Beauty parlour
    4. Computer centre (training & job work)
    5. Studio/Photography
    6. Printing press
    7. Telephone/Fax/Email booth
    8. Tailoring
    9. Travel agency
    10. Xerox centre
    11. Transport service
    12. Poultry farming
    13. Handicraft
    14. Brassware
    15. Dealership
    16. Franchise
    17. School for disabled
    18. Weaving
    19. Book Binding
    20. Leather work
    21. Physiotherapy
    22. Music schools
    23. Computer hardware Dealership
    24. Dealership of petroleum products
    25. Candle and chalk making

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