State Govemment Schemes (Northern Region)

Schemes & Facilities provided by Central & State Government:

Northern Region (States of India)


  1. Concerned Officer:
    The Secretary
    Welfare Department
    Directorate of Social Welfare
    Government of Bihar, Patna
  2. Reservation in Government Job: In Gr. ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts under the Government reservation are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below
    Reservation for The Handicapped
    Category of handicapped Percentage of reservation
    Visually handicapped 1%
    Orthopaedically handicapped 1%
    Hearing handicapped 1%
  3. Age relaxation in State Government Jobs.: There is no age relaxation in State Government Jobs.
  4. Scholarship: The state Government awards scholarship to the Handicapped students from class I to VIII @ Rs.25/– p.m.
  5. Conveyance allowances: Disabled employees get conveyance allowance @ Rs.25/– P.M.
  6. Assistance for self employment: The handicapped persons get assistance for self employment. For details pl. refer the list (Appendix–A)
  7. Assistance for purchase of aids & appliances: Government of Bihar provides different types of artificial limbs, appliances, aids free of cost to economically weaker disabled people to restore their residual capacities and to improve their mobility and employability
  8. Disability pension: Disabled persons get disability pension. For details Pl. Contract Director, Social Welfare Department
  9. Other concessions/Facilities

Special Schools:

  1. For Hearing Impaired Persons–
    There are 4 Government run special schools for Deaf and Dumb children. These are situated at Patna, Darbhanga, Munger and Dumka. These Schools are imparting free formal education upto the middle standard (VIII class) to 150 students. Like blind schools, students of these schools are also provided free food, clothes, medicines, books etc. The state Government has also accepted the proposal to open two special schools exclusively for girls at Bhagalpur and Ranchi and these schools will have the capacity of 50 students each.
  2. For Integration of Disabled Students with Normal Students–
    The Department of Human Resource Development, Government of Bihar has selected 20 schools under integrated education for disabled programmes (I.E.D.) where disabled students of different category are inducted with normal school pattern, so that both the group of students could help each other in achieving high standard of education and develop cooperation in national building.

Vocational Training:

  1. Vocationalisation of Formal Education:
    All the schools stated in the above para has the facilities of vocational training in different fields like tailoring, carpentry, chair knitting etc.
  2. Vocational Training for Self Employment:
    There is one vocational training center at Patna where a variety of training programmes are available to train handicapped persons in the trade of welding, leather work, carpentry, tailoring etc. This vocational training center has a capacity of 50 students like formal school The trainees of this center are also provided with free instructions, free residential facilities, free food, medicines, educational instruments etc.
    Travelling allowance:
    Government of Bihar has the scheme of granting conveyance allowance to disabled employees as per their salaries. The facilities of concession in State transport buses is also under active consideration of the State Government.
    Job opportunities and placement assistance:
    The Government of Bihar has established one special Employment Exchange at Patna exclusively for physically handicapped persons and has facility of carrier guidance in different employment exchange. Government of Bihar has also issued instruction to appointing authorities to give preference to disabled person in recruitment in cadres.
    Grant–in–aid to Non–Government Organisation engaged in the welfare of disabled person:
    Government of Bihar encourages efforts of Non–Government Organisation (NGO) in the field of welfare handicapped person and support their programmes substantially by granting grant–in–aid from time to time.

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