Clinical Services and charges

Following list provides the different Clinical Service Charges (in Rupees) for:

110th EC approved the revision of clinical charges. Irrespective of family income of cases, Rs. 50/- as Registration charges to be charged. All basic tests, Behavior Observation Audiometry (BOA), Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), Immitance Audiometry (IA), Speech Audiometry (SA), Hearing Aid Trail (HAT), Special Tests, Speech Language Assessments, Psychological Assessments to be done free of costs. For other electrophysiology tests, instrumental based speech diagnostic tests fees will be charged as per given table.

Clinical Service Charges
Sr. No. Services Fees (Rs.)
1. Registration 50/- (Valid for one year)
2. Electrophysiology Hearing tests (OAE/BERA, ASSR) 50/-
3. Stroboscopy / Nasoendoscopy 50/-
4. UV ear mould for Body level and BTE Hearing Aid
Acrylic Hard mould
150/- per mould
75/- per mould
5. Speech language therapy
(maximum thrice a week)
100/- per month
6. Hearing aid repair 50/- (spare parts on actuals)
7. Processing of Railway Concession Certificate 50/- (spare parts on actuals)
8. Postoperative Cochlear Implant Charges As per ADIP Scheme

This revision is effective from 2nd May 2016 and to be followed at Head quarter, RCs, CRCs & TCTD.

Hearing assessment for adults living in Mumbai is done on appointment basis. The usual waiting time is one week. The outstation cases may either seek appointment or come in a queue each day. About 15 to 20 cases are taken on First come First Serve basis each day. Hearing assessment in children below 3 years (both for those living in Mumbai and outside) is done on priority on First come First Serve basis. The usual waiting time is about one week. However children are assessed more than once before intervention measures are recommended.

NIHH recognizes the need for providing a comprehensive program for habilitation and rehabilitation of speech–language communication skills of individuals with Hearing impairment, Cleft Lip and Palate, Mental Retardation, Pronunciation/articulation problem, Voice problems, Stuttering, Reading writing difficulties and other language disorders. Preliminary and extended evaluations are done to identify speech, language, reading and writing difficulties of children and adults. According to the findings, patients are advised for speech therapy. Speech therapy is a long term procedure depending on the disorder.

For Psychological evaluation appointments are given to local patients who can not be attended to on the day they report to the clinic. Outstation patients are seen the same day in most instances. Evaluation for infants and elderly patients are done on a priority basis. The approximate time for preliminary screening is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Clients requiring detailed assessments and differential diagnosis may require 2 to 3 more sessions.

We are equipped with one of the best diagnostic and therapeutic infrastructure.

  1. Guidelines for EIP and PIP enrollment
  2. Guidelines for Issue of Hearing Disability Certificate
  3. Facility of Hearing aid sale at the Institute

Under the ADIP scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, the institute distributes hearing aids and other appliances

Eligibility of the ADIP Beneficiaries

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