Material Development

Photographs of printed materials and  an Exhibition of material produced by AYJNISHD

Material of various kinds are developed at the Institute to enhance and supplement research, training, educational and clinical programmes of the Institute and for public awareness and parent guidance. These materials are made available to the target group through the Institute's distribution channels.

Institute's Materials Distribution Channels
Title Format Language Target Group Content Cost(Rs)
Facilities and concessions for the Hearing Impaired Book English Hearing Impaired 10
How to take care of mentally retarded children Book English Professionals Teachers, Parents 20
Language Profile Test Book Hindi/Marathi Gujarati Professionals Teachers, Parents 300
Training Module for Primary Health & Anganwadi Workers Book English For Primary and Anganwadi Health Workers
Parents Guidance Module Book English, Hindi Organizations, Parents, Professionals 10
Mukul Book Bengali Parents of Hearings Impaired Home Training programme of young hearing impaired pre schooler 10
An Institute comes of age Book English Rehabilitation Organization Scheme of collaborative vocational training programme for the hearing impaired 10
More about listening and speaking Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Khashi, Mizo, Manipuri, Aotribes, Nagamese Allied Professionals Information about speech, hearing and language disorders 10
Know him better Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Allied Professionals/Students How to handle the problems that a hearing impaired child may face in a regular school classroom 10
Someone new in your classroom Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Anganwadi and Primary School Teachers Information to teachers about hearing Impairment, hearing Aid and how to interact with the hearing impaired child in the class room. 25
Your new friend Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Classmates and friends of the hearing handicapped child How to interact successfully with the hearing impaired child in the class 10
Lokgeete Booklet Marathi Community, Rural Workers Folk songs on causes & prevention & rehabilitation of Hearing impaired 10
Early identification of hearing impairment: tips for medical professionals Booklet English Medical Professional Types of hearing loss 20
Steps to prepare a hearing aid harness Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Khasi, Mizo, Manipuri, Aotribes, Nagamese Parents & Teachers of Hearing Impaired Children How to stitch a hearing aid harness for young hearing impaired children 10
How to help your child to learn to talk Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of Children with delayed speech and language. Specific activities and games for encouraging vocalization in hearing Impaired children 20
Learning with others Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of the Hearing Impaired children How to prepare a child for admission to regular school 15

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