Material Development

Title Format Language Target Group Content Cost(Rs)
Early Identification of hearing loss in infant and children in rural areas Video Film Marathi Rural Workers Demo of the hearing screening **
Asha Ki Kiran TV Spot Hindi Community Message Regarding early identification, ear care & the International Symbol **
Enhe Mouka Do TV Spots Hindi, Marathi Community Glimpses of vocationally successful hearing Impaired **
Ramkrishna Ani Madhuri TV Spots Marathi, English Community Importance of early identification **
Bahta Kan? Sawadhan! Leaflet Hindi, Marathi Community Prevention and management aspects of ear discharge 5
Take care of your ears Leaflet Hindi, Marathi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Khasi, Mizo, Manipuri, Aotribes, Nagamese Community Tips on how to take care of the ears 10
Viklango ke liye awarod mukta vataran Leaflet Hindi Community Various aspects regarding barrier free environment for the disabled Free
Apka ladla vikland to naheen? Leaflet Hindi Community and Parents Development schedule of the non–handicapped children Free
Hearing Impairement – Causes & Prevention Leaflet Hindi, English Community, Parents, Health, Workers Pre–natal, Peri–natal & Postnatal factors which can cause deafness 5
Ekatmik Shiksha – Ek Chunouti Leaflet Hindi Educators, Social Workers, Community Type of educational avenues open for the handicapped Free
Asha Ki Kiran (International Sticker) Stickers English, Hindi, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu Community This International symbol indicates ‘help is available for the hearing impaired’ 5
Set of 6 Greetings Greeting Cards English Community Gives messages about various aspects of hearing impairment 10
Hearing Impaired person needs to watch you speak Handout Marathi, Hindi, English Community, Employers, Teachers Tips to follow while talking to a hearing impaired person for better interaction. 5
Set of 6 Posters Posters Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Gujarathi Community, Parents, Allied professionals Rehabilitation story of a deaf girl 6 per poster
Set of 7 Posters Posters (Colour) Hindi, Marathi Community, Rural Workers, Parents, School Teachers Messages about hearing & speech impairment 9 per poster
Lokgeete Audio Cassette Marathi Community, Rural Workers Folk Songs on causes & prevention & rehabilitation of hearing & speech impaired 50
Yes the Deaf Can Video Film English Employees, Vocational, Counselors, Community Emphasises the abilities of the hearing impaired person in work situations **
Guidelines to avail outreach and extension services OES Booklet Hindi, English Government and Non. Government organization Outreach and Extension services for hearing& speech impaired through AYJNISHD Not priced

Last updated on : 05/10/2016

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