Information Available in Electronic Form (xiv)


xiv) Details of information available/held, reduced in Electronic Form

AYJNIHH has done computerization in phased manner. Systems developed earlier were in standalone mode. Presently a Local Area Network is in place and so sharing of data and multi–user data processing is made possible. An Integrated Information processing system (IIPS) is being implemented which have software modules for Clinical, Finance, Administration, Academic and Inventory activities. This has been developed with Oracle database and Visual Basic as the front–end tool and is in a multi–user environment.

  1. Summarized Patient data:
    The important data contained in the clinical records like the name, age, sex, address and diagnosis has been stored in a data base for easy access to these information. The data from year 1983 upto 2000 has been included in the database. This database is used for research/study by students and faculty. Also it is used for searching case number incase the registration card is lost. This saves lot of time and eliminates the need to do re–registration.
    Once the IIPS is fully operational on–line data processing, report generation and information retrieval is possible. This covers completion of backlog data also.
  2. Accounts data:
    The accounting work is computerized and reports like Ledger, Trial Balance, Income and Expenditure Statement, Balance Sheet etc. are generated using this system. Backup of data is also maintained.
  3. Pay details of Staff:
    Pay slip and other related reports are being generated using payroll software. The computation of salary has become very easy and the chances of errors are eliminated. Also it is easy to retrieve the information as and when required.
  4. List of Beneficiaries under ADIP scheme:
    The beneficiaries’ database is being maintained and the reports are generated.
  5. Students data relevant to admission process:
    The data of applicants for various courses are being maintained and relevant reports are generated.
  6. Students data related to result processing (DSE & DHLS):
    The result preparation is computerized. Centre wise result, Individual mark list and certificate are being generated. Using this data the result is also published in our Website.
  7. Library data (Details of Books & Journals):
    The library database has all bibliographical information that is being used by staff and students. The software ‘Libsuite’ is used for automating library activities. Also a few E–journals and other information CDs are available.

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