Hostel Rules and Regulations of AYJNISHD (D)

Hostel Rules and Regulations of AYJNISHD (D)


The AYJNISHD (D) Head Quarter at Mumbai, has separate hostel accommodation for men and women students within its campus. The student selected to undergo any regular course of study conducted at the Institute and residing outside Greater Mumbai can avail hostel facilities extending from admission till the end of the course. The hostel accommodation is provided on first come first basis and is subject to availability.


Hostel Facilities:

1. a) The allotment of the room is made by the Hostel Warden.

    b) Generally shared accommodation with a cot and a wardrobe for each student, a reading table and a chair is provided. The student is expected to bring his/her own bedding.


2. a) Hostel accommodation has to be surrendered within a week of the final examination.

    b) Caution money deposit for hostel facilities will be reimbursed only after obtaining a “No dues” Certificate from the Hostel Warden.

    c) Students who have failed and who have to re-appear for examinations may be provided accommodation for only seven days prior to the examination.


3. a) Relatives and friends are NOT allowed to stay in the hostel room with in-mates.

b) If any unauthorized person is found staying in the room with the occupants, a fine of Rs.500/- per person per day will be imposed. The concerned student will also be charged Rs.200/- per day (for the unauthorized stay). It may also result in forfeiture of accommodation, if it occurs on more than two occasions.

c) The Roommate will also be levied a fine of Rs.100/- for not reporting to the hostel representative, hostel warden or higher authority.


4. a)  The students are permitted to use one mobile charger and laptop. However use of certain electrical or electronic equipments like Irons, table lamps, kettle, CD/DVD players are permitted with the permission of the warden and on payment of Rs.500/- per annum. Internet facility can be availed on payment of Rs.3000/- per annum. However sharing of internet connection through LAN is not permitted. If found a penalty with disciplinary action will be imposed.

b)  Students should ensure that lights, fans and all electrical gadgets are switched off before leaving their rooms. Inmates are liable to be fined Rs.100/- for defaulting. If a student is found to be a habitual offender (i.e. more than 2 such lapses) the personal appliance is liable to be confiscated.

c) Gym equipment, washing machines etc. provided by the Institute have to be handled with care and maintenance and repair will have to be collectively borne by the hostellers.

d) In order to inculcate hygiene and safety, cooking is banned in the hostel rooms. However, cooking can be done in the hostel pantry. If anyone is found violating the rule and cooking in the room he/she will be fined Rs.500/- and the cooking gadget will be confiscated. The roommates who are silent observers to these offences will also be fined Rs.200/- for not bringing them to the notice of the hostel representative and the warden.


5. a) Occupants are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy. b) Defacing walls, sticking pictures or posters on walls, window doors and any other furniture of the hostel is prohibited. Individual / Collective fine may be levied for violating this rule.


6. A common recreation room is provided for students. a) Furniture, T.V., Games provided to the students has to be handled with care. Students will have to collectively pay for loss of or damage to these items.


7. Canteen services are available from 7.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. on payment for students residing in the hostel except on Sunday evening.


8. Provision for drinking water is available in the hostel. It will be the responsibility of the Hostel representatives to get it maintained.


9.Cleanliness of toilets, bathrooms and pantry is the responsibility of each user. Students can avail housekeeping services strictly between 7.15a.m. to 9.00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday. Absence of cleaners should be immediately informed to the Warden by the Hostel Representatives who in turn will inform Director’s office.



1) All the students are requested to be present in the hostel by 9.30 p.m.


2) Hostellers are not permitted to leave the hostel premises without prior permission of the warden.


3) A hosteller returning late without permission will have to surrender his/her identity card to the Security Guard of the Institute.


4) Only two night out and two late nights in a month i.e. up to 10.30 p.m. Exceeding this limit without any valid reason will result in strict disciplinary action. In order to avail two late nights per month a Late Night Declaration form/letter is to be furnished by the parents to the hostel warden.


5) Students are expected to contact the Warden in case of any emergency.


6)Visitors can be received at the Reception Hall or Canteen from 6.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. only.



1. The following are prohibited:

a) Playing music loudly, making noise, disturbing other inmates.

b) Keeping or/consuming alcohol, narcotics or any other item of addiction.

c) Use of abusive, derogatory language, discriminatory behavior, bullying in any form.

d) Possession of an exchange of sexually explicit material.

e) Destruction or damage to any Institute property.


2. The Warden’s permission is required for the following :

a) Issuing of any notice or circular

b) Collection of funds from students

c) Get-together of any kind (Welcome/Farewell/New Year etc.)


3. Students cannot leave the hostel for any out-station trip during term without a letter from parents or authorized guardians and approval of Hostel Warden.


4. Form of Nigh Out/Late Night has to be duly filled and submitted to Hostel Warden.


5. Students must keep their money and other valuable in safe custody. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss.


6. Parents/relatives/friends are not permitted to ENTER/STAY in the hostel.




Boy’s Hostel Number: 022-26404163, 022-26400215 Extn.353.


MEDICAL FACILITIES: As applicable/available at Regional/Composite Centers. Following facilities available at Mumbai.


1. a) A doctor is available for free consultation at the Institute between 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. on working days, ground floor D-wing of the Institute.

b) Institute nurse is also available from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on working days.


2. In emergencies the Institute doctor can be contacted at this private clinic at the following address :


Dr. Pravin P. Sajnani,

E-1 Eid builing, Dr. Ambedkar Road,

Near Pali Naka Market, Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 50. (Telephone No.26402447)


3.Students are urged to report all illness, major or minor to the Warden / and LG and /or parents immediately so that proper steps can be taken to avoid complications.

4. In the event of hospitalization the Hostel Warden will extend the required help.



(1) The Warden has the right to use his/her discretion on points not covered in these rules and regulations.

2) These rules and regulations may be amended as and when required without prior notice. Hostellers are required to update themselves about amendments from time to time through the warden.

(3) Disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion from the hostel may be initiated for violating the hostel rules.

4) The Director is the final authority in all matters related to the hostel.

(5) The above guidelines are for Institute headquarters.


The same may be followed by the Institute’s Regional Centers. However, the Assistant Directors can make necessary modifications if needed.




Contact  of Hostel Warden (Boys):


Dr. P.J.Mathew Martin,

C-Wing 1st Floor, Room No.107

AYJNISHD(D), K.C.Marg. Mumbai-50.

Direct-02226409465, 02226400215 Extn.308




Contact  of Addition Hostel Warden (Boys):


Dr. Rathna Kumar,

D-Wing 1st Floor, Room No.101

02226400215 Extn.325



Discipline: Discipline has to be maintained by the students in class rooms, clinics and hostel. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Institute premises and hostel. Complaints are viewed seriously and action, as deemed fit, is initiated by the competent authority. Smoking or chewing of Tobacco in the Institute premises will attract a fine of Rs. 500/- and also liable for disciplinary action.


Ragging: The Institute authorities take utmost care and preventive measures have been instituted to curb the menace of ragging in the institute and in the hostel. An anti-ragging committee has been formed comprising senior faculty and staff that counsel the students and bring to the notice of students that ragging can result in suspension, expulsion or rustication from the college, commencement of criminal proceedings and even imprisonment. The committee takes special surprise rounds and maintains day to day contact with the students to ensure that no untoward incident occurs in the Institute premises. All students and their parents / guardian are required, at the time of admission, to submit an affidavit that they are aware of the repercussions of ragging.




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