North East Activity

Activities in the North - East Region

AYJNISHD (D) has initiated a number of developmental activities in North-East region towards the rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.  An exercise to assess the changing needs of Persons with Disabilities is undertaken on regular basis.  Sensitization Workshops for Panchayat Functionaries, NGO Executives and Social Workers are conducted to create awareness about various facilities provided by the Govt. for Persons with Disabilities.

State Level Workshops are organized for Govt. officials and other stakeholders to evaluate the efficacy of the existing facilities available for Persons with Disabilities.  Every year, 1 State Level Workshop in each State is organized in 8 North-Eastern States.  The recommendations of the State Level Workshops and Sensitization Workshops are considered while drawing the Action Plan for the forthcoming year in the respective State.

One National Workshop is also conducted to facilitate the interaction between the State Govt. of North-Eastern region with the rest of the country.

With a view to improve the infrastructural facilities for rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, the institute provides Clinical Equipment, equipment for skill training of Persons with Disabilities and books for Mini Library are provided to the organizations recommended by the State Govt.

Touch Screen Information Kiosks are also provided to the State Govt. to disseminate information pertaining to rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

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