Department of Audiology

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Being a flagship department of the institute, multiple activities are performed by the Department

Clinical services-on an average 80 new cases are seen per day.

Following are the main Clinical activities

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of hearing
  • Selection and fitting of hearing aids and ear moulds
  • Certification of hearing disability
  • Parent Infant Programme
  • Parent guidance and counseling
  • Referral and follow up services
  • Activities related to cochlear implant like switch-on, mapping, therapy, etc.

Manpower development – The departmental staff play a vital role in Manpower development by Delivering lectures to students of various courses, guiding the students for their dissertation work(master’s), clinical supervision, training in earmould and hearing aid repair.

The Department conducts many short term training programmes like workshop on ear mould making, hearing aid repair, counseling the parents, workshop related to cochlear implant for parents and professionals . Faculties are acting as a resource person in various departmental activities like teacher training programme, awareness programmes etc.,

Consultancy services – Calibration of audiometers, testing of hearing aids, ambient noise measurement, construction of sound treated room.

Research and publications

On an average of 70-80 Disability Certificates have been issued in a month.

Mr Rajeev Jalvi, Reader HOD/Audiology awarded the Ph.D Degree in Linguistics from University of Mumbai. Similarly, Thesis of Mrs Aparna Nandurkar has been accepted for award of P.hD Degree in the area of Speech and Hearing- Allied Health by MUHS, Nasik.

Faculty members are nominated as clinical supervisor’s for each course

Dr Rathnakumar, F.Y.BASLP, Mohd.Shamim Ansari, S.Y.BASLP and Mrs Aparna Nandurkar, T.Y.BASLP, Mrs Aparna Nandurkar, F.Y.MASLP, Dr Rajeev Jalvi, S.Y.MASLP. Mrs Ketaki Borkar, B.ED(HI) and Mrs Urmi Shah Mrs Gauri Telang for M.ED(HI).


For clinical services, clinical postings are made for ASLPs and clinicians are posted in each of the section.

Faculty and Clinical staff are actively involved in implementation of ADIP-CI programme including post CI rehabilitation.

Mrs Aparna Nandurkar is All India Coordinator for CI surgery while Mrs Ketaki Borkar is looking after CSR activity.

Ear mould Lab

Ear Mould Technicians:Taking impression, Finishing, polishing, tube fixing of earmoulds, repairing of earmoulds.

On an average 500 earmoulds are prepared in a month.

Electronic Lab

Asst. Electronic Technician

Repairing of hearing aids, ADIP companies and NGO hearing aid analysis, HAR Workshop- Yearly two-. Calibration of audiometers and repair of the instruments in the dept. of audiology and other deptts, Students training, Consultancy services.

Lab Assistant

Supports activities of the lab.

On an average 130 hearing aids are repaired in a month.

Administrative Staff


All Departmental work like drafting, typing of patient related letters, ADIP beneficiary list, internship certificates, monthly reports, marklists etc, filing and other misc. work.

Hearing Aid Distribution

Mr Pathrabe, Screen Printer does work pertaining to issue of hearing aids under ADIP scheme and maintaining the ADIP register.

Mr Ravindra Kaspale

Coordination of patients reporting online and offline for various services, Guiding the patients to different sections and departmental work.

Ms Sadhana Raut (on contract)

Guiding the patients to different sections cleaning of proptips, speculums, electrodes etc., and also assisting all staff in departmental work.


Sr. No. NAME Designation Qualification Experience Area of interest Photo
1 Dr. Rajiv Jalvi Reader and HOD B.Sc.(AST), M.Sc. (ASR) specialization in Audiology, M.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Linguistics), M.A. (Sociology), Ph.D (Linguistecs) 32 Years
  • Diagnostic Audiology
  • Industrial Audiology
  • Rehabilitative Audiology
  • Genetics of Hearing
2 Dr. Aparna Nandurkar Lecturer Ph.D. (Audiology) 28 Years Pediatric Audiology,Hearing devices with emphasis on cochlear implants,Speech perception Photo
3 Shri.Mohammad Shamim Ansari Lecturer M.Sc. (ASR) Psychophysics Electro-Neurophysiology of Hearing, Speech Intelligibility Perception,Pediatric andAdult aural rehabilitation,Hearing Devices (hearingaids, cochlear Implant) Noise measurement Hearingconservation procedures Photo
4 Dr. S.B. Rathna Kumar Lecturer B.Sc (HLS), M.Sc (Sp & Hg), PhD (Applied Linguistics) 20 years Behavioral Audiological Evaluation, Speech Audiometry, Cochlear Implant, Bimodal Stimulation for CI Photo

List of staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. D. T. Kambli Asst. Electronic Technician
2 Smt. Urmi Shah Clinical Supervisor
3 Smt. Gauri Telang Speech Pathologist and Audiologist
4 Smt. Ketaki Borkar Speech Pathologist and Audiologist
5 Ms. Pranjali Ujawane Speech Pathologist and Audiologist
6 Smt. Lata Atkhile Ear Mould Technician
7 Smt. Pravina Deshmukh Ear Mould Technician
8 Smt. Vanita Dhane Steno Typist
9 Shri Avinash Samant L.D.C.
10 Shri. R. P. Kaspale MTS
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